2.4: Request/Receive Patient Immunization Data and Identify Source


The EHR or other clinical software is able to store immunization history accepted electronically from other sources (such as a public health immunization registry consistent with HL7 version 2.5.1, Implementation Guide for Immunization Messaging Release 1.5) or communicated by the patient and manually entered by the clinician. When viewing such information, the provider can determine which immunizations were administered by the practice, which were entered manually as patient-reported, and which were accepted electronically from the public health registry.


Dr. Smith’s EHR maintains Juana Mariana Gonzales’ immunization history and clearly identifies the source of all information about Juana’s immunizations.  The EHR indicates that two of Juana’s immunizations were not administered in Dr. Smith’s office.  Specifically, the EHR shows that the public health immunization registry provided information about Juana’s first dose of Hepatitis B vaccine, which was administered in the hospital on the day after her birth.  The EHR also shows that registry provided information that Juana received an MMR vaccine at age 15 months from a public health clinic. In addition, the EHR shows that a parent provided a report from the local pharmacy that Juana received a live, attenuated influenza vaccine on November 9, 2014. All other vaccines were administered at Dr. Smith’s office. Dr. Smith can easily see the organization that administered each vaccine and the source of the information when viewing the patient’s immunization history.


This capability addresses recording immunization history obtained from external sources or history provided by the patient or patient’s caregiver. The available fields for capturing the information can be accessed here. An additional field is needed to indicate the source of the information (i.e., the registry, the patient, etc.).

  • Vendor, Provider, and Implementer Perspectives. Products with the ability to identify the source of historical information may assist providers to perform reconciliation. Additional data (such as administered at location) may also allow providers to obtain additional information as needed for vaccine recalls.


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Data Elements

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