Data Elements for Sharing Immunization History Information

The HL7 2.5.1 immunization implementation guide lists data elements for transmitting immunization information, whether the data is historical or part of a report for an immunization recently provided. [Each element is Required (R), Required if Exists (RE), Conditional (C), Optional (O) or Not Applicable (NA).]

Concept Name Description R/RE/O
Entered BY   RE
Ordering Provider   RE/O-Historical
Entering Organization   RE/O-Historical
Administration Notes (Vaccine Event information source) Can be structured using HL7 2.5.1 options for vaccine event information source, or equivalent text C (R-status is Completed or Partially administered/O if Non-administration)
Date/Time of Start of Administration R
Vaccine Administered Can be generic name or equivalent text (e.g., brand name of vaccine product) R
Administered Amount (of Vaccine)   R
Administered Units (of Measure)   C (R- if administered amount NOT ‘999’/O)
Administering Provider The person who administers the dose to the patient C (RE – New Administrations/O – Historical)
Administered-at Location   C (RE – New Administrations/O – Historical)
Lot Number   C (RE – New Administrations/O – Historical)
Substance Expiration Date   C (RE – New Administrations/O – Historical)
Substance Manufacturer Name Manufacturer Name and MVX code; can be equivalent text C (RE – New Administrations/O – Historical)
Completion Status CP – Complete, RE – Refused, NA – Not administered, PA – Partially administered RE
Route of Administration   RE
Administration Site   RE