6.1: Produce Population-Level Report

Overview of Scenario

The EHR or other clinical system generates aggregate, population-level reports based on known patient immunization data.

Example of Scenario

Dr. Smith uses her EHR to produce immunization-specific reports that help her manage her practice. Two such reports are: (1) all patients who received a specific lot number of a vaccine that has been recalled, and (2) all patients who have no scheduled appointments and are overdue for required vaccines.


Most products evaluated support customers to create patient lists based on basic criteria. The function is a requirement for Meaningful Use 2014 certification. Some products include immunizations as one of the options that providers can select to create specific patient lists. Thus, providers can directly create a list of all patients who are late for expected administration of specific immunizations, or all patients receiving a specified vaccine lot number. Other products require providers to configure their systems to include immunizations in the patient list (cohort) function. Some products require providers to acquire additional software to perform such cohort function.

  • Vendor Perspectives. Vendors should work with customers to determine effective “model” cohort reports useful for immunization management. Some options include (a) all patients overdue for immunizations, and (b) all patients who received a specific vaccine lot number (to manage recalls).
  • Provider and Implementer Perspectives. Discuss preferences for the specific immunization-related population-level (cohort) reports with the software vendor.


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Data Elements

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