8.5: Review Patient-Provided Immunization Information

Overview of Scenario

The EHR or other clinical software system provides a mechanism for the provider to review patient-generated immunization data.  It also provides a mechanism for the provider to update or annotate the immunization history, indicating the source of the information.

Example of Scenario

Dr. Smith receives notification about information Mariela Gonzales Morales’ mother entered into Mariela’s immunization record. Dr. Smith reviews the information and can accept and/or annotate the information into the EHR immunization record as patient reported.


Many products evaluated provide some mechanism for patients to provide information from the patient portal. Most products limit patient-provided information to a general comment section on the portal. Only a few products allow patients to enter their own vaccine information directly into a vaccine record.

Management of patient-provided information is a general issue; it is not limited to immunization information. Capabilities should evolve as general efforts for shared decision making and patient generated data evolve.

  • Vendor Perspective. Vendors should consider usability evaluation such as User Centered Design (UCD) to evaluate how to provide providers with ability to review and update or annotate the immunization records based on patient-provided information.
  • Provider and Implementer Perspectives. Providers should consider participating in vendor activities to address the workflow and challenges of reviewing and annotating information based on patient-provided immunization data.


There are no tests for this capability.

Data Elements

There are no data elements for this capability.