8.2: Provide Access to Recommendations and Vaccine Information Statement(s)

Overview of Scenario

The immunization record displays immunization recommendations to be discussed with a provider, displaying the relevant Vaccine Information Statement.

Example of Scenario

Juana Maria Gonzales Morales’ mother logs into Dr. Smith’s EHR patient portal to view Juana Maria’s immunization record. At the same time, she also views an immunization schedule that helps her plan for Juana Maria’s future doctor visits. Mrs. Morales also reads the Vaccine Information Statements for each of the upcoming vaccines so she can be informed before taking Juana Maria to the doctor’s office.


Few of the products evaluated provide future immunization recommendations. Those that do provide future recommendations do not generally include VIS statements for patients to read prior to their next visit. Vendors and providers indicated challenges with providing recommendations on patient portals. Many cite a concern about a need to review each recommendation before it is displayed. Others note uncertainties about how much information is appropriate.

  • Vendor Perspective. Vendors should consider usability evaluation such as User Centered Design (UCD) to evaluate how to provide patients access to their future immunization requirements.


There are no tests for this capability.

Data Elements

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