5.7: Review Patient Immunization History

Overview of Scenario

To assist with the ordering process, the EHR or other clinical software system allows a user to specify standard views of patient immunization information for each vaccine dose administration, including patient-specific data (e.g., age on dates of administration, etc.).

Example of Scenario

When ordering vaccines for her patient, Dr. Smith is able to view Juana Mariana Gonzales’ immunization history, complete with Juana Mariana’s age at each recorded vaccine dose, reasons specific doses were not given as planned, and an indicator if Juana Mariana had any adverse reactions.


All vendors allow review of the patient’s immunization history during the ordering and administration workflow process. Most have providers start at the immunization history/forecasting screen that displays those vaccines currently due and then take action to order or document administration directly from that screen.

  • Vendor Perspectives. Usability evaluation such as UCD may benefit more efficient workflow.
  • Provider and Implementer Perspectives. Discuss preferences for documenting vaccine administration with the software vendor.


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Data Elements

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