5.1: Provide Access to Vaccine Information Statement(s)


The EHR or other clinical software system provides the Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) sheets, as required by federal law, so that patients can review them prior to receiving a vaccination.


The nurse planning to administer a DPT vaccine to Juana Maria Gonzales Morales, age 3 years 4 months, accesses the appropriate DPT Vaccine Information Statement in the EHR and provides it to the patient’s mother. Mrs. Morales is able to review the VIS statement prior to giving consent for Juana Maria to receive the vaccine.


CDC updates VIS statements periodically and posts them in PDF and Word format for download.[i] Some vendors provide Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) with their products. Others allow customers to upload or link to the VIS forms. One-third of those evaluated do not support the VIS forms. All products support documenting the VIS statement and its expiration date on the vaccine administration record.

  • Vendor Perspective. Provision of VIS statements requires a vendor routinely to check for VIS statement updates, upload new statements and develop a distribution mechanism to customers.
  • Provider and Implementer Perspective. Current practice requires providers to review the most recent VIS statement with patients prior to administering a vaccine. If the EHR provides VIS statements learn the vendor’s process to keep them current. If the practice uploads the VIS statements into the EHR or provides paper or electronic copies to patients directly, develop a process to routinely check for VIS statement updates to remain current.


There are no tests for this capability.

Data Elements

There are no data elements for this capability.


[i] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Vaccine Information Statements (VIS). Available at: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/hcp/vis/. Accessed 22 September 2015.