4.4: Notify of Vaccine Dose Expiration


The EHR or other clinical software system notifies the provider administering a vaccine if the dose chosen for administration is expired.


The EHR alerts the RN entering the dT vaccine about to be administered to an adult patient if the expiration date of the planned dose has passed (i.e., the dose is expired).


Those products that include inventory function generally allow clinicians to choose only non-expired vaccine lots when ordering immunizations or documenting administration. Some products that do not provide inventory function also provide an indication in the user interface if a clinician documents an expiration date that is in the past.

Notification in this context indicates that the system provides indication so the user is aware of a potential problem. The system should allow the user to proceed as a clinician must be able to document an expired dose inadvertently administered. The method for fulfilling the requirement is not prescriptive. Examples of notification include visual clues.

  • Vendor Perspective. Vendors should consider usability evaluation such as User Centered Design (UCD) to evaluate how the system handles notifications and alerts.
  • Provider and Implementer Perspective. Notifications and alerts can be a significant usability issue in EHRs. Providers should consider participating in vendor activities to address timely and appropriate notification.


Click here for a test script scenario that includes the requirement Notify of Vaccine Dose Expiration. The script also indicates successful performance for each of the test sections. The notification must be visible directly on the ordering and the documentation screens specific to the vaccine ordered or documented.

Data Elements

The data elements include the vaccine dose and expiration date specific to the clinical scenario in the test script.