Data Elements for Patient Demographics

The HL7 2.5.1 immunization implementation guide lists 39 data elements for patient demographic information for use to identify unique patients. 7 Required (R), 22 Required if Exist (RE), 1 Conditional (C), 8 Optional (O) and 1 Not Applicable (NA).

Concept Name Description R/RE/O
Patient ID Medical Record number, or other identifier (HL7 2.5.1 previously listed as “Medicaid Number”) R
Patient ID Assigning Authority: Assigning Authority ID (i.e., owning source)/Facility Name. The name may be vendor supplied. R
Patient ID: Type (e.g., medical record number, IIS ID) R
Patient Name: First R
Patient Name: Middle RE
Patient Name: Last R
Patient Date of Birth R
Birth Time O
Patient Gender (Administrative Sex) Looking for “Administrative Sex” – Statement in HL7 2.5.1 standard ‘Gender’ may be inconsistent with MU R
Patient Multiple Birth Indicator RE
Patient Birth Order If multiple birth indicator is checked – Conditional C
Responsible Person Name: First RE
Responsible Person Name: Middle RE
Responsible Person Name: Last RE
Responsible Person Name: Relationship to Patient RE
Mother’s Name: First RE
Mother’s Name: Middle RE
Mother’s Name: Last RE
Mother’s Name: Maiden Last RE
Patient Address: Street RE
Patient Address: City RE
Patient Address: State RE
Patient Address: Country RE
Patient Address: Zip code RE
Patient Address: County of Residence O
Preferred Contact Information NA
Race RE
Ethnicity RE
Birthing Facility Name RE
Birthing Facility Location Address RE
Patient Birth State RE
Patient Primary Language Important to Registry for managing follow-up O
Patient Telephone Number RE
Patient Telephone Number Type (e.g., home, cell) RE
Patient E-mail Address O
Publicity Code Level of privacy for recall (parent, family, patient only, etc.) O
Protection Indicator Whether the information can be shared with others including registry (opt-in, opt-out) and other clinicians – often state dependent O
Protection Indicator Effective Date Date of the decision about the protection level O
Immunization Registry Status Indication the patient is active or inactive in the practice O