5.6 Enter Vaccination Order

Overview of Scenario

The EHR or other clinical software system allows providers to order immunizations for a patient using filters for type of vaccine, including combination vaccines.

Example of Scenario

Dr. Smith accesses the available vaccine list and can search by type of vaccine, such as all products containing Varicella (i.e., Varicella vaccine and MMRV vaccine).


All products evaluated allowed entry of a vaccination order by selecting from a list of vaccines. Vendors do not consistently limit access to only those vaccines present at the practice site. The capability must be more clearly defined to evaluate if providers can filter the vaccines by antigen (i.e., look for all vaccines that contain a specific antigen even if the vaccine name does not clearly identify all of the antigens it contains).

  • Vendor Perspective. The capability indicates a user should be able to search for all vaccines containing a specific antigen. Usability evaluation using UCD may improve approaches to vaccine ordering.
  • Provider and Implementer Perspective. Discuss preferences for vaccine ordering with the software vendor.


Click here test script scenarios that include the capability, Enter Vaccination Order. The script also indicates successful performance for each of the test sections.

Data Elements

The data elements include the orders specific to the clinical scenarios in the test scripts.