5.13: Transmit Configurable Patient Immunization History Report

Overview of Scenario

The EHR or other clinical system transmits a locally-configured report of a patient’s immunizaiton history to meet the needs of the populations served by the practice.

Example of Scenario

Dr. Jones configured a specific immunization report for his patients who work at a local large healthcare provider. The report includes only those immunizations the employer requires for healthcare workers. With permission from a patient, Dr. Jones wants to transmit the report directly to the patient’s employer.


This capability enables the transmission of the locally-configured immunization report to an entity the patient selects. This capability raises patient privacy and confidentiality concerns. The products evaluated can fax reports at patient request. However, more input is needed on the value and privacy concerns related to this requirement.


There are no tests for this capability.

Data Elements

There are no data elements for this capability.